On The Move

Revivalist & Pastor

Jennifer Hotelling

Revivalist & Evangelist

Jonny Rouse

The Lord has led us to here and now. To send us out, to take what we have been experiencing here in our hometown for the past two years of Revival and mighty moves of God's Spirit, to you out there, who have been praying for Revival and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We are being directed to take what we do and carry here and bring it to you, in your hometown, to you, in your home church. The Lord has given us strategy and assignment to carry this Glory Culture and Revival Atmosphere and to deposit it and impart this culture, atmosphere and gift to YOU!!!

What to Expect

Pastor Jennifer is a Rhema Grad and Ordained Minister who has been in ministry for 20+ years and carries a strong prophetic anointing and consistently flows in the prophetic and words of knowledge. She is called to "Usher in the Greater Glory." 

Evangelist Jonny Rouse has been Evangelizing with signs for 4+ years, been in ministry for 10+ years and carries a heart to train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry through preaching the gospel with healings, signs and wonders in your daily life. His call is to "Teach People to Hunger for God and to Hunger to be used by God."

Both of them Pioneered and Founded a Revival Movement in their hometown of Milwaukee WI. They both carry an atmosphere for miracles and the supernatural that consistently follows their ministries and personal lives.

God wants Revival for You

Invite us out to your church and allow God to impart the Revival Atmosphere and Glory Culture to your personal life and to your hometown and church.

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